Dance Competition

Da Clash Showdown

Street Dance Competition

Saturday 25th May 2019

Stockwell Playhouse, London, SW8 2JU

London’s brand new Street Dance Competition is here, giving dance groups and freestylers the opportunity to compete for the title of DCS Street Dance Champion. Held in the original birthplace of the Street Dance Championships (in the 1990s), Battersea South London, this annual event gives the opportunity for local dance and community groups to walk away as the DCS Champion. Winners will be judged by some of the most well known dancers within the industry.

Street Dance Crews

Category 1:  5-11 years

Category 2:  11-16 years

Category 3:  17+ years

Group Entry: £15

Freestyle / Solos

Category 4:  5-11 years

Category 5:  11-16 years

Category 6:  17+

Freestyle/Solo Entry: £5

Da Clash Showdown 2018 Winners
Category 1: 5-11years

1st Place: TRNSND 2nd Place: X-Po’Zure 3rd Place: Elevate Arts

Category 2: 11-17years

1st Place: Coco Jam 2nd Place: Kid Squad 3rd Place: Nvibe

Category 3: 17years +

1st Place: IMD Legacy 2nd Place: D15 3rd Place: Dipset

Category 4: Beginners

1st Place: Shayla 2nd Place: Kiah 3rd Place: Mason

Category 5: General

1st Place: Aimee 2nd Place: Ruby 3rd Place: Lola

Category 6: Advance

1st Place: Rayia 2nd Place: Stanley 3rd Place: Segi

Da Clash Showdown OVERALL TOP 5

1st Place: IMD Legacy 2nd Place: D15 3rd Place: Coco Jam 4th Place: Kid Squad 5th Place: Dipset