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Come along and join amazing street dance classes

Whether you’re looking to learn some serious dance skills or want a fun easy way to dance yourself to fitness, then we’ve got the classes for you,

Scariofunk Collectives dance classes are designed to cater for all ages and abilities, no matter who you are, everyone has the ability to dance and progress.

From a beginners first steps to a level of artistic excellence, Scariofunk is a vehicle for individuals to develop their ability, to grow in strength, confidence and independence.

Spring Term Dates: 6th January - 4th April 2020

Half Term: 17th February – 23rd February 2020

We have dance classes for all ages & skills located across London, for further information on what is available in your area, click one of the images below.

Giving our students the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills
Scariofunk T-Shirts are available to purchase from our classes.

Standard T-Shirt: - £10
T-Shirt with name printed:- £13



Scariofunk has been an amazing journey for me so far. It has given me the confidence boost that I needed and has made me grow as an amazing dancer and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the future with Scariofunk, my new family!


Growing up as a kid I joined Scariofunk after being forced in by my mother to try something that she believed came natural to me. After my first lesson, I have never looked back. 10 years later I’m in my last year of training st performance arts college with a firm foot into the industry. I proud myself on hard work and enjoying what I do and I truly feel that Scariofunk planted that within from the start. The support, push and belief from beginning to end were amazing and still inspires me to keep going today. Never forget where you came from, Scariofunk is were I came from and I will never forget that.


As a parent of a lively child, I was delighted to find Scariofunk! My son would dance about the house ‘his own words’ but now he loves the routines and can’t wait for Saturday’s! He has grown in confidence both with dancing and communicating with children of all ages from 6 to 15. All the members at Scariofunk help and support each other and the encouragement Levi has had has extended his confidence in all aspects of learning. He truly feels good about himself and is eager to learn more this just focuses his concentration and perseverance to achieve his best. 


Scariofunk dance troop has enabled Kiarese to excel in confidence & ability. He has become secure in his environment travelling to and from dance, been exceptionally supported by instructors & mature members of the Scariofunk team. Staff & dancers have gone above and beyond to encourage Kiarese not to give up when things get tough…

For this, I will be forever grateful…

For young people in today’s society, it is extremely important to be apart of such a positive diverse team of strong unique talented people.


I think you guys are great with what you do & have made Jada grow with her confidence over the years, it’s not just a dance class, it makes her learn to be more organised, on time, not wanting to miss classes as will let the team down & also keeping her fit in this day & age 


My son has been a member of Scariofunk for nearly 2 years. In that time he has grown in confidence and ability. Through watching his performances my 4-year-old daughter got a taste for being on stage and in 2016 she performed on stage for the 1st time. She danced with her group and then went on to singing a solo piece. 

The tutors and students encourage performers at all levels whatever their ability!  It’s a wonderful thing to be involved in and to have something so family orientated for the children of our community to be involved in. 

I do not refer to Scariofunk as another dance company but as my other family! 

Lucy, Conrad & Shaun put a lot of time and effort into the kids and this is so obvious in their performances.

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