East Acton Street Dance

East Acton Dance Classes

Wednesdays: 5 – 6pm (Beginners/General)

All of our classes cater for ages 7+ years

Located: East Acton Community Centre, 76 Braybrook Street, W12 0AP

Pay Per Session£4/psGreat for those looking for a bit of flexibility

If you want to do lessons but can’t guarantee your schedule, then paying per session will be your best option.

Pay Term£35/12 wksGreat for those looking for long term classes

If you’re looking for a long term course & can make every class, then paying per term will work for you.

Pay Term (Uniform)£45/12 wksGreat for those looking for the whole package

Want the whole package, not just lessons but a uniform too, then this is the only option you need.

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